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Light Plastic Room Separators

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Uncomplicated Social Distance Protection System Block Droplets !

The corona virus pandemic is currently changing everyday life in private and professional settings. There are many temporary requirements that require economical solutions. Waiting areas, canteens or examination rooms require solutions for temporary room division in order to ensure the best possible protection. The light partition walls are our solution for temporary room division in facilities where people linger together.

The room separator LIGHT is a simple solution for temporary usage. The system is particularly practical for quickly separating individual areas in large facilities such as halls, entrance and waiting areas. An easy assembly as well as the possibility to connect individual panels to larger walls are the strengths of our room separator LIGHT. Optional, semi-transparent wall panels allow good light flow. Furthermore, the wall panel and foot-stand are made of a single material. At the end of the usage they can be completely recycled and reused as secondary raw material.

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Excellent privacy screen
  • Protection against spitting and coughing
  • Easy to clean
  • Less risk of injury (round edges)
  • 100% recyclable
Technical specifications
  • Material: PP twin wall sheets
  • Dimensions: 1115 x 2000 mm (WxH)
  • Overlap: 115 mm (when connecting two wall panels)
  • Weight:4,5 kg
  • Colour:grey
  • Options: semi-transparent panels

**Technical changes reserved

Installation of our light room separator

Our light partition system consists of two components that are put together: wall panel and foot-stand. Despite its low weight, the foot-stand is stable and holds the panel in position. The walls can be assembled individually or connected with with special bayonet locks without the use of tools. An assembly in a 90° angle is also possible. For this purpose, the wall panel will be folded in the middle at its folding edge. The folded walls do not need a foot-stand and stand on the same level as the remaining walls.

Shipping Information

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