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Desk Separators

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Desk Separators against the spread of Airborne Diseases, Droplets  in Offices, Shops , Hotels and Check in areas.

In addition to compliance with hygiene measures, more options should be used to protect personnel from droplet infections and to prevent the corona virus from spreading further. We offer various desk separators so that workplaces obtain the necessary protection. The desk separators DeskProtect CLEAR and DeskProtect LIGHT are our solution for safe working in large and small offices, team workplaces or offices with a lot of public traffic.
With the desk separator DeskProtect CLEAR workspaces can be screened and infections with contagious diseases, such as influenza or coronavirus, can be prevented. The transparent desk separator allows employees to see each other and keep the proper distance. Due to the transparency, sufficient light is also getting through to the workplaces. DeskProtect CLEAR is a translucent and frameless desk separator system that can easily and quickly be mounted without any screwing. No additional tools are required for mounting and removal.
    • Protection against Dropletts, spitting,sneezing and coughing
    • Transparent, translucent elements
    • Easy mounting and removal
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • 100% recyclable 
  • DeskProtect LIGHT

    With the desk separator DeskProtect LIGHT workspaces can be separated and infections with contagious diseases, such as influenza or coronavirus, can be prevented. In the dimensions 970 x 600 mm, the separator including two feet can be placed on desks* along the long side and the short side. DeskProtect LIGHT offers not only protection at the workplace, the desk separator can also be used as a pinboard. The set-up is easy and carried out in seconds thanks to a smart connection system. No additional tools required.

    Desk separator DeskProtect LIGHT

    The advantages of our DeskProtect LIGHT

    •     Protection against spitting, sneezing and coughing
    •     Very good price/performance ratio
    •     Easy and fast set-up
    •     Appealing look and feel
    •     100% recyclable


    Shipping Information

    Delivery time: 7-10 days (For ROMA and MILANO Bikes Only )

    Delivery time: Zoom E is 3-4 days and T10 is 3-4 weeks.

    Delivery time: 2 days ( For ANTIBACTERIAL SILVER ION FILM Only)

    Delivery time: 4-8 weeks ( For other products )

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