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  • Our unique sanitising system is sensor operated, and will sanitise within 5 seconds.
  • 8 strategically placed jets release a fine mist that gently and effectively sanitise the user
  • Stop / Go light indicators ensure the cycle is complete
  • Antimicrobial matting
  • Built in 20 litre storage tank
  • Easy to refill
  • Approximately 900 sprays before refill

COVIDVIRUSGUARD offers a commercial product approved by many health professionals as a neutral pH sanitising solution containing: electrolyzed purified water (99%), hypochlorous acid HOCl, NaCl salt, active oxygen and other inorganic oxidants (1%)

COVIDVIRUSGUARD can be used with various sanitising, disinfectant, bactericidal and virucidal products on the market, at the discretion of the user and within the limits of applicability established by the manufacturer of the substance and the user manual of the device.
It is recommended to always acquire the product safety data sheet and to check the eligibility for specific uses by comparing the product data sheets with the device’s user manual.

Requires just a simple electrical connection.

When passing through, the system starts automatically thanks to a photocell sensor and the user who crosses the ARCH is sprayed with a fine mist sanitising them from head to toe.

Find out how we can help your business fight the COVID-19 emergency together by installing one or more COVIDVIRUSGUARDS.

Shipping Information

Delivery time: 7-10 days (For ROMA and MILANO Bikes Only )

Delivery time: Zoom E is 3-4 days and T10 is 3-4 weeks.

Delivery time: 2 days ( For ANTIBACTERIAL SILVER ION FILM Only)

Delivery time: 4-8 weeks ( For other products )

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