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Coliforms Starter Pack - Test the presence of coliforms in water, including E. Coli - Analyzes the quality of your water. The kit includes 1 reusable incubator and 1 box of single-use consumables.

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The first kit for detecting coliforms (including E. coli) which provides results comparable to the laboratory method, in only 24h!

Thanks to the Mini-Lab and its portable incubator, you have the same tools as the microbiological laboratories... in a pocket format! The portable incubator, the key element in the culture of microorganisms, guarantees the temperature conditions necessary for the reliable evaluation of their presence in your water samples.

✅ SIMPLE: Can be carried out by everyone at home on their own. Easy reading of the result by staining the tested water sample. The incubator works with an electric plug to be simply connected to the mains.
✅ FAST : Detection in water of Coliform bacteria (including Escherichia coli) in only 24 hours.
✅ COMPLETE KIT: Includes a reusable Mini-Lab (1 incubator, 3 syringes) and a single-use test for the detection of coliform bacteria including E. coli.
✅ LABORATORY QUALITY: Technology based on the scientific standards of microbiological analysis laboratories (culture method). This protocol encloses the bacteria in a hermetic environment conducive to their development in order to better reveal them. No risk of contamination.
✅ ALL TYPES OF WATER: Analysis of bathing water, swimming pool, tap water, well, reservoir, cistern. The presence of coliforms in water indicates faecal contamination in these facilities. It can cause serious intestinal infections. For your health, check the water in your home regularly.

  • 1 Mini-Lab (reusable)
  • 1 test refill for the detection of coliforms (including coli) (valid for 1 test)
  • Detection threshold: < 1 CFU*/mL (*Colony Forming Units)
  • Quick results in 24h
  • Easy-to-read result: the solution changes colour
  • Use-by date: 12 months
  • Mini-Lab dimensions: 22 x 17 x 8 cm
  • Test refill dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm

Contents of the Mini-Lab

  • One 110-240V – 50/60Hz incubator with a power cable and European plug (contact us regarding UK or US plugs)
  • One 50 mL syringe + stopper
  • One 10 mL syringe with connector
  • One 1 mL syringe with connector
  • One instruction leaflet

Contents of the Coliform Refill

  • 1 vial
  • 1 filter
  • 1 ampoule of sterile water
  • 1 10 mL syringe

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FAQ - Product

Where should I take a water sample at home?

You may choose to analyse all the water points you wish: shower, tap, hot water tank, etc. Showers are generally the devices which are tested most, due to the high risk of inhaling water contaminated with legionellae.

Is it better to sample hot or cold water?

We recommend that cold water or water at room temperature be used to perform the test.

How long does it take to perform the operations needed for the test?

The Coliforms Water Test is conducted in two stages, with a 24h incubation gap between the two stages. On the first day, handling operations should take approximately 30 minutes. The second phase consists in interpreting the result through colour changes. Please refer to the online animated tutorial to guide you through each of the steps.

I missed a step in the instructions. What should I do?

In the event of a fault in the incubator, contact us.
The table below describes the meaning of the warning lights:

Colour of the LED



The LED flashes blue

The incubation temperature has not been reached after 30 minutes

The ambient temperature of the room is too cold. The incubator must be used in a warmer environment.


The LED flashes red

Operational problem.
The incubator will not heat up.

The incubator must be replaced.


The LED flashes green

The temperature of the incubator is increasing.

If you unplug the incubator, it is normal for the LED to flash. When the incubator is at the correct temperature, the LED will be static green.

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