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Antimicrobial / Virus Silver Ion Film Door plates 70mm x 295mm for push plates or direct to door Pack of 9

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Anti Microbial/Virus / Germ Protection Film - Gives you 12 Months Disinfection
Our product has now been tested specifically against Covid 19 according to DESIN – 5510 method for the Corona Virus type 229 E Crown ( ATCC VR-740) and is approved

Antimicrobial Silver Ion Film for Door plates 70mm x 295mm for push plates or direct to door Pack of 9


Film will Last for 12 months before requiring replacing.


Product Features:
• 24 / 7 Antimicrobial protection
• Peel, stick and protect
• Suitable for most surfaces
• No messy residue left behind
• Quick and easy to fit
• Safe and reassuring
• Cost effective solution
• Robust and durable


• Escherichia coli ATCC 8739
• Enterococcus faecalis –ATCC 2921
• Listeria monocytogenes – ATCC 1393
• Klebsiella pneumonia – ATCC 435
• Staphylococcus aureus – ATCC 653
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa – ATCC 2785
• Salmonella enteric – ATCC 1402
• Staphylococcus aureus Methicillin resistant – ATCC 3359
• Legionella pneumophil


Product Information

PVC film (Transparent gloss 80 μ) with silver ionic based antimicrobial agents and ultra-clear acrylic solvent adhesive (permanent), laminated on one-sided clay-coated silicone paper liner (90 g/m.). Designed to protect any hygienic sensitive areas, the film easily resists to scratches even in cases of application in areas with incessant scraping such as the covering of floors and walls: wet and hygienically sensitive areas, hospital patient and treatment rooms, education rooms, healthcare (public & private), pharmaceutical, industrial, airports, railway stations, retirement homes, food manufacturing, fast food, swimming pools, stadium, laboratories, kitchens and services, facilities.

Active variety (ISO 22196): reduction more than 99,99% of microbes (excellent capacity to inhibit growth of a wide range of microbes) combined with good procedures of hygiene and cleaning.

Suitable substrate: any kind of furniture (table, chair, bed, walls, windows, doors, door handles). It is resistant to the cleaning procedure for 24 simulated intensive washing cycles for weekly cleaning, 24 weeks of ageing with disinfectant recommended by OMS against “CoronaVirus” SARS.

Very good transparency and flatness characteristics.

Excellent dimensional stability and enhanced image brightness without a disturbing “silvering effect”.

Shelf life: 2 years when stored in the original packaging between 20°C and 25°C at 50% relative humidity.

Recommendations for laminating: please ensure the substrate is perfectly clean before laminating

Proteins are essential for the biological systems of life. Any damage to these components causes the failure of essential functions such as energy production.

DNA interference , genetic material of the bacteria is disrupted, ultimately stopping the bacteria from being able to replicate by blocking the copying of their genetic material.

Cell membrane damage By disrupting the microbes membrane, its structural integrity is compromised, which can cause essential nutrients to leak out and catastrophic structural failure.

Oxidative Damage :Antimicrobials can cause increased levels of reactive oxygen species, which result in damage to the internal systems of the microbe.


Technical Data

• Technical Data Carrier: Monomeric PVC Film, highly stabilized, calendared
• Thickness: 80 μ +/- 5 %
• Adhesive: ultra-clear acrylic solvent perm
• Adhesion [N/cm]: 7 N/cm +/- 5 %
• Liner: one-sided clay-coated silicone paper (90 g/m)
• Tensile strength md: >20MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
• Tensile strength cd: >20MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
• Application temperature: > +10
• Service temperature: -20 to +80 °C
• Antimicrobial durability: up to 6 months


Safety Data Sheet

When used under normal conditions, this product does not generate or release any dangerous substances or hazardous chemicals. This is a non-hazardous product in accordance with the current GefStoffV and EU criteria. This product is not a hazardous product with regards to transportation legislation; neither does it contain substances that are hazardous to water within the meaning of the federal water act. After use, dispose of the waste product in accordance with the local / national authority.

Product Information

The efficiency of UVC SYSTEMS ANTIMICROBIAL FILM was tested in an ISO laboratory according to the international standard ISO 22196.

ISO 22196: 2011 specifies the way of evaluating the antimicrobial activity of plastic materials which were treated with antimicrobial and other porous surfaces of products. Our antimicrobial PVC was studied in order to reduce 99.99% of the microbes, according to good procedures of hygiene and cleaning.

We have also seen that testing with Silver ions are tested and proven effective against the H1N1 virus (which has very similar characteristics as Coronavirus), achieving a 99.99% reduction in viable H1N1 virus particles. And our silver ion antibacterial dividers have been tested on corona virus with 78% reduction in 2 hrs


Warning: It is important to emphasise that UVC Systems Protective Film is by no means a miracle or all- in-one solution to fight COV-19 or any other epidemic. While the use of our protective film can effectively provide a level of protection, this does not in any way prevent the transmission of the virus by other means. The usual hygienic precautions therefore remain essential: wash your hands regularly, wear a mask, do not touch your face, avoid large gatherings or prolonged contact with infected people, etc.

Shipping Information

Delivery time: 7-10 days (For ROMA and MILANO Bikes Only )

Delivery time: Zoom E is 3-4 days and T10 is 3-4 weeks.

Delivery time: 2 days ( For ANTIBACTERIAL SILVER ION FILM Only)

Delivery time: 4-8 weeks ( For other products )

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